The event agenda:

A unique two hour investigation into the critical
leadership issues leaders everywhere are
facing at this historic moment of change.

Hosted by renowned UN moderator and former BBC news presenter, Nisha Pillai. With contributions from our panel, guest speakers and a live audience of fellow leaders.

09:00 – 09:05 CET
Nisha sets the scene: a unique opportunity to explore with fellow leaders where we are, where we’re going - and what we need to do now.


09:05 – 09:20 CET
Challenges and Decisions
Two perspectives on the unprecedented challenges business faces, and the decisions leaders will need to make now.


09:20 – 09:45 CET
What Now? Part 1 - Leading your business
Nisha moderates as the panel and audience share their insights, and vote on key issues.


09:45 – 09:50 CET

09:50 – 10:10 CET
Emmanuel Gobillot: “Bringing people with you”
A thought-provoking exploration by Emmanuel, a leadership guru for the digital generation, of how leaders can make the vital connections they need with employees, stakeholders and customers in the new workplaces and consumer spaces.


10:10 – 10:30 CET
What Now? Part 2 – Leading your people
Nisha explores this key leadership area with Emmanuel, the panel and audience.


10:30 – 10:50 CET
Leanne Spencer: “Staying on Top”
As they get set to take on the challenges of the coming decade, Leanne, founder of Bodyshot performance, offers leaders brilliantly effective tools and tips to maintain wellbeing, health and life balance.


10:50 – 11:00 CET
Final Words and Close

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